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Pettiford Family Websites

The Pettiford family has maintained a presence on the worldwide web for 10 years, we now have 4 websites designed for the Pettiford family:
  1. the original Pettiford family website (a private site, requiring the creation of login accounts by an administrator) was introduced Aug 6, 1999 (currently over 1100 family members registered), features include: polls, recipes, reviews, and chat

Key features:

  • full-featured Address book - allows you to sort by family (shows parents and children), first or last name, and /or by location (organized by country, state, city); we encourage you to provide full contact information and include parents names {even if they are deceased} (must add them as a member first, they do not need an email address to do so)
  • Calendar - automatically populated from the individual profile to display birthdays and anniversaries or allows manual entry of events
  • Family trees - curious about your family ancestry visit this section to see the various branches of Pettifords (information is limited online, there are family tree books available via this site for purchase)
  • History - ever wondered how your ancestors wound up in a particular location; numerous family members have contributed to this section
  • News - announcements of births, deaths, graduations, promotions, etc. a fantastic way to stay abreast of what is happening with the fam.
  • Photos - what can I say, what better way to get to know each other, see family traits / resemblances, share memorable events
  1. "All About the Pettifords", (a free site open to the public) introduced Jan 11, 2004, as an addendum to the original site that provided more creativity, control and flexibility was to become the beginning of our own hosted site which would free us from the restrictions of Never developed further than a free hosted site due to lack of interest and participation from family members.

Key features:

  • Calendar - major events: reunions, cruises, picnics, holiday gatherings, etc.
  • Churches - there are many pastors / church founders in this family, this page list known family founded / pastored churches
  • Graduates - education is so important here (beginning in 2005) we list the those who have graduated from high school, college, universities, or trade schools
  • Knowledge Share - share professional knowledge, skills, resumes, etc.
  • Petts on the Net - we are a talented entrepreneurial family if you have an individual website we link it here: authors, business owners, artists, and entertainers
  1. "MEGA Pettiford Website", introduced Jan 29, 2008, a newer version of the original Pettiford family site

Key features (that differ from "the Original"):

  • Videos - adds the ability to upload videos to share with the fam
  • Photo Stories - create photo stories (slideshows) with voice capabilities (for narratives)
  1. "The Pettifords", introduced Mar 5, 2009, a social network created specifically for the massive Pettiford family

Key features:

  • Similar to Facebook but it is "Just for Pettifords"
  • Create your own groups
  • Design your own page
  • Connect with and meet new family members

Please feel free to visit all of our family sites, we encourage you to share news, events, talents, recipes, photos, offer suggestions, etc.